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"I have been attending the Academy with my family for just over three years, and cannot speak highly enough of the experience. We are two (previously) unfit middle-aged adults, a ten-year-old (who started when she was seven) and a six-year-old (who had her first session before she’d turned five).

My wife and I are now both fitter and stronger than we’ve been in decades. My children have become strong, capable and confident, and have learned to relish and rise to a challenge. Their experience has taught them to accept that it’s worth trying things that don’t come easily, and to practice until they do. They’re proud of the skills they have developed, and we’re proud of them, but we’re proud of ourselves, too, of the techniques we’ve learned and the effort we’ve put in.

Graham and Ryan are truly fantastic instructors, giving every student at every level the individual attention they need to push themselves that little bit further and learn to do things that seem, initially, to require superhuman abilities. Valley Martial Arts genuinely caters for everyone, whatever their level of fitness or general physical ability, and the ethos that has been passed down from the instructors through the students mean that everyone is welcome and that the more advanced students are always willing to help and advise those who are struggling, which results in a wonderfully friendly and inclusive atmosphere.

In short, we all love the place, and I’d highly recommend a taster session for anyone looking for a new challenge for themselves or for their families."

Joel Hames-Clarke


My 13 year old son has been attending Valley Martial Arts for about a year now. To say he loves his classes would be an understatement.

His fitness levels and endurance have improved immensely, this is down to the brillant Instructor Graham who is fantastic with his students, puts them through their paces and teaches them trust, respect and courage.

Best thing we ever did for our son!

Joanne Elliott


My son has been attending for six months and today he did his grading and attained his red belt. Valley Martial Arts is a mixed martial arts centre which has a broad range of ages all working together to work towards belts but also to gain and maintain fitness levels. It is a school in all aspects of the word and has such a positive teaching style, which also focuses on the key terms of kindness, respect and hard work.

Graham is a fantastic instructor and leads by example. It has been so lovely to see this attitude reflected by the students, and it always makes me smile to see the adult students participating

and helping the younger students and reciting the student creed. My son has gained so much confidence which has been reflected in the other aspects of his life. His school teacher has even commented on it. I would highly recommend it.

Joanne Steer

We’ve been training here since Valley opened and since day 1 it has been completely life changing. Enrolling at Valley was the best decision we have ever made. Graham has had such a positive impact on ours lives and we’ve never felt so physically fit as we do now.

If you want to get fit and learn self defence in an encouraging and friendly environment then this is the place to do it. Grahams passion for teaching is clearly evident in the classes which are always fast paced and extremely well structured.

We can’t recommend Valley highly enough!!!

Ryan & Emma Cook


My son Joshua started Martial Arts just before his seventh birthday. Over the past three years Mr Wardle has been instrumental in teaching and helping my son set and achieve goals. Joshua recently became a 1st Degree Black Belt and he is now working hard towards his 2nd degree black belt over the next two years.

By becoming involved in Martial Arts he has not only significantly improved his fitness, confidence and self defense but given him a true understanding of how to achieve his goals and to work hard at everything he does. Joshua is achieving very high results at both school and other sports activities but above all he enjoys the ethos and friendships that Martial Arts brings. Mr Wardle’s attention to detail coupled with his ability to work with children of all ages and abilities is of true benefit to any child who is looking to do the best they can, and gives them an outstanding start in life.

Paul Watson

I have not only trained under Mr Wardle, I have also had the pleasure of working side by side with him, their are certain people that come into your life that you know you will never forget, Mr Wardle is one of those people.  He has not only made a huge impact on my life but also my children’s lives. My children have great respect for Mr Wardle and he was a fantastic role model for them, his positivity and vast range of knowledge in martial Arts helped my son to achieve his Black Belt at a very young age.


As parents, knowing our children were spending time around such a inspiring person gave my husband and I great peace of mind, and we are sorry to see him go. We wish Mr Wardle the best of luck in his new adventure and know that he will be inspiring and empowering plenty more families that need his help.

Melita Hawksworth


Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be something we wanted to be. For almost 4 years you’ve constantly reminded us that you had total confidence that we could attain our black belts in MMA. We met you at a point in life where we could have simply dropped off our son (then 4 years old) at your excellent classes & expect you to teach him martial arts – all said & done, the confidence in himself and appreciation of some of life’s values you have given him would have made our acquaintance with you valuable & worthwhile. Instead, you also enriched our lives by convincing us to join the journey to achieve high levels of fitness, discipline, and focus. It’s not just the things we’ve learnt in class that we’re grateful for though and the words helpful, thoughtful, and motivational could easily be used when referring to our relationship with you.

I personally lost 2 and a half stones in weight without dieting just by picking up on the small discussions we had in class. My wife, Cathy, had previously tried to stop smoking four times without success although within six months of joining your classes, she’d had the confidence and commitment to stop after becoming truly motivated by you to do everything she could to reach the accolade of black-belt – just one of the few ways we could repay all those extra hours you set aside to help us get through the grading & feel confident we’d earned that next belt.

As I write this I can’t help thinking that we have just over a week to go before our two day exam where all three of us will undoubtedly pass and get the accolade that you told us that we would achieve with lots of hard work.

  • You motivated us enough to set up a gym in our home too

  • Training as a family has been great fun for us

  • The grownups classes were phenomenal

  • You certainly practice what you preach & don’t think I know anyone who trains as hard both physically and mentally

  • Your contribution to our excellent heath cannot go unnoticed

  • The hard physical work may have been ours but the motivation & knowledge came through you


For these things, Mr Wardle, you have earned our utmost respect & gratitude. Our black-belts are truly a result of meeting the nicest guy we know

Steve, Cathy, & Ewan

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