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Our Building Warriors Life Skill Programme.

At Valley Martial Arts we take great pride in the mental and emotional training we give our junior students, as well as the physical fitness and self-defence training. Martial Arts is a great vehicle for building the character of young people and we take our responsibility to do so very seriously.
With mental health issues such as depression and anxiety being so prevalent in modern day society, it is becoming increasingly vital to teach people, in particular young people, how to look after their minds.

We have a system in place that we use to educate our juniors that is continuously improving as we learn more and get better at what we do. Personally, there’s nothing we find more satisfying than seeing a young child or teenager brimming with confidence, socially adept, and just generally happy and enjoying their life. The system that we have in place to facilitate this is tried and tested and has been developed over more than a decade.  


I’m a long-term believer that an adult’s personality is made up of their experiences as a child, so the more positive and wholesome information you can feed into a child’s mind the better. All our character education systems have been designed with this in mind.

The life skills your child will develop over their time with us are:
Attitude, Honesty, Discipline, Respect, Cooperation, Perseverance, Gratitude, Integrity, Courage, Self-control, Resilience, Commitment, Vision, Humility, Patience and many more.


Once your child joins our academy, you will see these skills being taught immediately alongside their martial arts and physical training, and we gradually increase the training in all these areas the more that they progress.  Over the 10 + years we’ve been open, we have seen consistently excellent both short and long-term results, in helping children develop the habits and skills necessary to thrive towards an enjoyable, productive, and healthy future. 

To find out more, please book yourself in for a free taster session with a black belt instructor. 

If you wish to learn about the life skills we teach in more detail, please see my 2021 book Building Warriors – The Life Skill Training of a Dedicated Martial Arts Instructor. You can learn more about this book here or by searching for it directly on Amazon.

Kind regards,
Graham Wardle
Owner: Valley Martial Arts.

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