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Valley Martial Arts was started in January 2014 from humble beginnings in the corner of the CrossFit Gym in Clitheroe, Lancashire. As the academy grew from strength to strength the gym and mat space grew with us. We now boast a training area of over 300 square metres with high quality matting and training equipment.

The gym also has the only professional cage wall of it’s type in the area, heavy bags and a huge array of training equipment so you are guaranteed to have access to the very best facilities available.

Large matted floor
Punch bags at the gym

Here at Valley Martial Arts we teach mixed martial arts in our curriculum based system. Mixed martial arts takes the most effective techniques from various martial arts disciplines and combines them into one effective system. You will learn striking, grapling and transitioning between them both as well as taking your fitness to new levels. Classes also include stretching and mobility to take care of your body and help prevent injuries.

Our family classes are ideal if you are looking for a positive, fun and exciting sport to get your kids involved with or, why not join them? Our academy is built on the encouraging family atmosphere we have so parents can train with their children in the same family classes. If you are an adult looking to learn self-defence, improve fitness or whatever your reason, we have classes specifically for you to train alongside other likeminded adults.



Graham Wardle is the co-founder and Chief Instructor at Valley Martial Arts. Before opening Valley Martial Arts in January 2014, he spent 10 years of his life training at the highly respected Castle Martial Arts Academy in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, one of the top Academy’s in the country, where he achieved the rank of 3rd degree Black belt.

It didn’t take long for Graham to realise that Martial Arts was so much more than just fitness and self-defence. Not only had his own fitness and Martial Arts ability increased to levels he had no idea he was capable of, but his confidence and self-belief had sky rocketed. He also noticed the incredibly positive impact it was having on so many different people, from children as young as 5 years old to men and women in their sixties and seventies.

In late 2006 the opportunity came along to study for a CIT qualification (Certified Instructor Training). A 2 year intensive Instructor training programme teaching all the aspects of not only Martial Arts training and instructing, but also how to get the best out of the students and how to help the students get the best out of themselves.

In January 2009 he was taken on by Castle Martial Arts as an Instructor and began dedicating himself to his craft full time. In December 2011 he was promoted to Chief Instructor. It was in this role where Graham became excellent in helping his students gain confidence and self-belief as well as becoming fit, strong, healthy and physically robust top level Martial Artists.

When Graham opened Valley Martial Arts in 2014 he placed a great emphasis on helping his students and their families learn together in a warm and encouraging atmosphere. His passion for martial arts is a strong now as it was when he started and Valley Martial Arts is already the premier martial arts school in Clitheroe and the Ribble Valley.

Teaching children

Also on the instructing team is Ryan Cook. He is a second degree black belt and has been with Valley Martial Arts from the very beginning in January 2014. Ryan was one of the first ever students to receive his first degree black belt at the academy and the very first to receive his second degree. He has completed his three year instructor training program and has been teaching classes at Valley for around six years. Ryan takes great pride in teaching at the academy and his love for martial arts shines through in his classes. His ability to explain techniques in a way that students can understand and put into practice is a one of the reasons he is such a highly respected instructor.

Ryan places a lot of emphasis on making the classes as fun and enjoyable as possible. No two classes are exactly the same and the variety makes for a fast paced and exciting environment. The children especially enjoy Ryan's classes and as a father he connects with them in a warm and positive way. He is also 'Child Protection in Sport' certified by the NSPCC.

Striking classes

The third member of the team is Alfie Wardle who has also been with Valley Martial Arts from the very beginning in 2014. Alfie has completed his instructor training program as well as making his way though the ranks to Black Belt in his time at Valley. He is an integral part of the team bringing his youth and enthusiasm into classes as well as his ever growing skill set.

Alfie is constantly training in all aspects of martial arts in both striking and grappling and his technical ability is testament of the hours of work that he puts in behind the scenes. As well have having tested himself in amateur mma fights, Alfie is also very active competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments.

He is much respected and admired by all the students young and old and his ability to pass on his knowledge to students makes him an invauable member of the team.


Self defence

If you are after top quality training at an affordable price, fantastic facilities, a warm, friendly atmosphere, then Valley Martial Arts is the place for you. Get in touch now to try a free one-to-one, no obligation, taster lesson at a time and date that suits you.